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Agricultural Chemicals

INDOFIL INDUSTRIES LIMITED – A fungicide giant in Agricultural Chemical Industry – A name known for excellence in product quality and service. A Company always working for the betterment of farmers, operating in Indian market for more than five decades.
Agricultural Business Division – is based on the concept of Crop District Approach. Indofil is promoting “Crop Care Concept” throughout the crop districts, where the needs and problems of the crops are identified and an attempt is made to meet the same by existing solutions or procuring new/right solutions. The basic market potentials are worked out by a systematic approach called Market Potential System, which helps to determine market share on every important crop in the district. This also helps to identify new avenues and understand customers’ requirements better. The field staff is in constant touch with the market and customers to achieve this objective.
This division consists of professionals who are either agricultural graduates or doctorates in specialized fields. The Executive Vice President heads this division and is supported by strong marketing, technical, sales and logistics groups. In marketing the Strategic Business Units (SBUs) are governed through the four verticals viz. Fungicide, Insecticides, Herbicides, and new business development.
Strategic Business Units (SBUs) ensures achievement of the corporate philosophy of “Understanding the customers’ need and providing quality products and best services”. They are responsible for new market developments and identification of new products for fulfilling the needs of the customer. The customers are serviced through regional heads, heading a strong team of qualified sales staff and Marketing Executives positioned in important regions who take care of sales, marketing and product development.
The peculiar nature of the industry calls for a specialized service to the customer.
Extension activities are integral part of Indofil work culture as we are driven by crop care concept and always focusing for betterment of farming community. Productivity improvement programme is one of important extension activities; where in farmers are educated through demonstrations for effective and economic ways of crop protection. These programmes are well planned with clear understanding of needs considering agricultural- climatic zones, crops and existing local plant protection practices. Under productivity improvement programme, Indofil showed on-field results of yield/ productivity improvement by timely control of weeds, diseases and insect pests. Crop care training programmes for the farmers are organized to create awareness about effective crop protection techniques to minimize crop losses and thereby improving yields. These programmes were planned considering local needs like awareness about seed treatment, awareness about concept of prophylactic sprays of fungicides, effective cultivation of locally important crops, etc. Under corporate social responsibilities, village adoption, tree plantations, Environment day celebrations, farmer education tour, are some of the activities that Indofil carried out in various parts of the country. From time to time, the field officers with involvement of Regional Marketing Manager and Product Managers conduct training programs. General awareness of the Company’s range of products is made through technical leaflets, posters, banners, POPs, wall paintings, shop paintings, newspapers and radio advertisements. Indofil is also an important Member of Associations like C.L.I. (Crop Life India) and C.C.F.I. (Crop Care Federation of India), PMFAI (Pesticides and Formulators Association of India) and actively participates in educational programs conducted by these Associations.
Technical & Business Development

Serving as pivotal link between R&D and Marketing, our team of experts is busy evaluating new products and technologies. This is to generate data for registration as well as to demonstrate capabilities of new products/combinations/formulations to farmers, traders and the strong marketing team. They aspire to help and support customers to resolve predicaments and aim to provide convenient, clear and intuitive interfaces for rapid and acceptable crop solutions. The department also handles regulatory submissions to seek approvals for new products both within the country as well as abroad. Own registrations in more than 50 countries is a testimony to that. The department has successfully defended the products of interest in different countries and actively participated in annex-I listing of Mancozeb and Cymoxanil in the European Union (EU). Other products are also on an advanced stage of listing.

Mancozeb registration in USA and Brazil was yet another feather in the cap. The division strongly believes in field work and Brand equity. The efforts are thus taken to introduce specialty products with an added advantage to Indian agriculture. Relentless search and negotiations are carried forward under the able leadership of Executive Vice President. Technical department then takes over the onus of registration of the product, sorting out the gaps between data availability and requirements.


At Indofil, the endeavor is to make the right pack available at the right time to the customer. The Company has modified its distribution network to ensure a constant interaction between the sales force, the distributor and the ultimate customer. All the business processes in the company are online and are guided through an ERP system. This is done with the objective of reaching the Company’s products & services to the customers in the shortest possible time.

Indofil’s chain of distribution starts with selling agents, C&F agents and distributors, who have their own well-maintained stock points. The well-knit distribution is spread throughout the vast geography of the country through more than 50,000 retail outlets.