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Processing Aids

1. Acrylic Processing Aids
Indofil K 120 ND Suitable for Clear high quality PVC medical application products
Indofil K 120 CL Suitable for Clear PVC films
Indofil K 120 PF Suitable for PVC Pipes and Fittings, Profiles
Indofil K 120 PB General Purpose processing aid for opaque PVC products
Indofil K 125 Low to Higher molecular weight Processing Aid for complex PVC products
Indofil K 300 Uniquely designed processing aid for complex PVC window Profile applications
Indofil K 400 F Uniquely designed for uniform cellular structure for PVC foam sheet/ WPC/ foam core pipes
Indofil K 600 F UHMW Pure Acrylic PA for UPVC foamed / WPC applications of various thicnesses
Indofil K 700 F UHMW new technology (2k -under patent) for various complex foam profiles/ WPC/ Foam core applications of various thicnesses
2. Lubricating Processing Aids
Indofil PMA 175 uniquely designed lubricating Processing aid for critical uPVC/ cPVC applications
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