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PRODUCT Major Application
Indofil  HA 100 Very soft binder having high tack with flexibility. Used in textile coatings & lamination.
Indofil  HA 85 Soft hand feel, self cross linkable home furnishing, automotive, insulation applications
Indofil HA SB For coating with a very soft handle, very good light and wash fastness, suitable for base coats or as a mixing component for base coats. Suitable for apparel coating
Indofil  HA 8 (I) For coatings with a soft handle. High binding capacity for fillers and pigments. Used for flame retardant coatings, Suitable for nonwoven & automotive applications
Indofil HA VS Self-crosslinking, aqueous acrylic dispersion for coatings with soft handle and very good resistance to dry cleaning. Particularly suitable for washdown effects for denim coating.
Indofil  HA 24 Eco Soft hand feel, self cross linkable, suitable for luggage coating, shiny effects and denim coatings
Indofil HA 95 Universal self thickening binder with good stretch and filler loading properties. Highly recommended for decorative effects like pearl, Jari, glitter etc
Indofil LC- 40 Eco High solid product, excellent binding capacity for extenders and pigments. Readily miscible with other dispersions. Used in lamination, coating and ink formulations
Indofil HA 45 For soft, elastic, abrasion-resistant coatings. Applications include wet wipes, surgical drapes, surgical clothing, hospital linens, and bed sheets in the hospital sector.
Indofil HA 24 For coatings with medium soft handle. Universal product for use on base and topcoats, resistant to dry cleaning. Excellent thermo-mechanical stability.
Indofil  HA 70 Self-crosslinking, aqueous acrylic dispersion for coatings with a very soft handle but low tack. Used for base coat applications by foam for fashionable effects and home textile articles.
Indofil HA 20 Medium soft hand feel. Very good binder for nonwoven applications, Bitumen roofing.
Indofil  HA 26 Stiff hand feel, gives shiny surface, suitable for nonwoven processing, luggage & antifraying
Indofil HA 49 For coatings with a medium stiff handle. Universal product for top coats, e.g. on table cloths. Ideal for luggage & nonwoven applications because of its excellent resistance to dry cleaning.
Indofil HA 35 The coated fabrics have a hard, firm handle. Coatings are resistant to wash and dry clean processes. Suitable for water-proof coatings, e. g. on rainwear and awnings.
Indofil  HA 16 For the coating and laminating of all types of fabric. The coated fabrics have a hard, firm handle. Coatings are resistant to wash and dry clean processes. Particularly suitable in dot paste coatings.
Indofil  HA 30 Hard, self-crosslinking, suitable for stiffening applications for abrasives, nonwovens & interlinnings
Indofil  HA 500 Very stiff binder having low electrical resistance. Can be used in top coats or as a mixing component for top coats. Also suitable for nonwovens with a hard handle i. e. non woven interlinings.
Indofil  HA 80 Stiff finish for Fabrics, fiberfill and other non-woven fabrics, back coating , abrasives and paper coating. This product is also used in Interlinings and blinds preparation.
Indofil  HA 881 Non yellowing at elevated temperatures, excellent dimensional stability, ideal for fabric preperation for bitumen roofings
Aspera SPUD Very good thread blocking with high shine. Excellent durability. Ideal for luggage bag, waterproofing & back coating.
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