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PRODUCT Major Application
Aspera SLC Highly suitable for moulding applications. Used as a adhesive in lamination
Aspera PU W3000 Provides very soft, flexible and elastic film with good shine. Offers excellent light fastness property
Aspera NPU For coatings with a soft hand, giving a fine lustrous surface. With the addition of crosslinker, the coatings have excellent resistance to high temperature laundering and dry cleaning.
Aspera PU W4000 Gives very soft handle, good light fastness and hydrolysis resistance. Suitable for coating of denim, garment, luggage and outer wear.
Aspera PU WH3100 Gives medium soft handle, good hydrolysis resistance. HF weldable & heat sealable. Coating have very good mechanical strength. Suitable for coating of luggage and outer wear.
Aspera PU PBT Gives very soft handle and good shine. If offers good flexibility and good light fastness.
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