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PRODUCT Major Application
IndofilĀ  HA 600 Mainly used for carpet back coating and lamination. Highly flexible handle and durable film properties. Excellent thermal & mechanical properties. Mainly used for good tufts lock and dimensional stability.
Indofil HA HPF Self cross-linking polymer dispersion used for high performance flocking. Produces special suede effect after dyeing in soft flow machine.
Indofil HA NAC Very fine pure acrylic polymer, gives glossy surface and more colour value, soft handle and all round fastness properties.
Indofil HA 550 Used for embossing applications. Coatings are heat sealable & HF weldable. Suitable for luggage & fashion coatings.
Indofil HA BOFC Ready to use compound for crushed foam Dimout & Blackout applications. Very good bonding capacity for colour & effcet pigments.
Indofil HA SCPC Aqueous black compound of self-crosslinking polymer dispersions with additives used to make fabric electrically conductive.
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