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Indofil At a Glance

To be Committed, To Innovate and To Partners. Sums up the 50 Glorious years of INDOFIL.

Indofil Industries Limited is uniquely placed both in Agricultural Chemicals (ABD) as well as Specialty & Performance Chemicals (SPCD) Business. As a part of  K. K. Modi group, Indofil has a well-equipped manufacturing infrastructure, a result oriented Research & Development team, and an excellent domestic and international distribution network.

Indofil has its export presence in more than 60 countries as suppliers of Mancozeb formulations. In India, Indofil is successful in strategic marketing of Insecticides including IGR’s, Fungicides (Mancozeb, Tricyclazole, Zineb etc.), Bactericides, Herbicides, Acaricides, Surfactants, and Plant Growth Regulators (PGR). Indofil is driven by “Crop Care Concept” in agriculture business.

Specialty and Performance business works with the philosophy to be a solution provider by innovative products for various industries viz. Leather, Textile, Paints, Plastics and Construction Chemicals.

The Company’s long and successful past also provides customers with the assurance that Indofil will continue to be a valued partner long into the future. The focus is to create partnerships for Research & Development, & marketing for many more active pesticides & combinations.

Customer Proximity is our mantra. Making us accessible to our customers 24 x 7. Our Values ensure consistent Behavior that drives TRUST. We Believe partnerships are vital to accelerating our thrust for growth. Our aim is to be in partnerships that can maximize business potential, deliver value and create new markets, that can meet current & future strategic goals.