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Dr. Anil Ganpat Pawar

Dr. Anil Ganpat Pawar, (M.Sc., PhD ( Entomology ), I.A.R.I., New Delhi)
Executive V.P. R&D and regulatory affairs

He started his career in 1982 as Asst. Professor of Entomology at Konkan Krishi University, Dapoli, Maharashtra, with responsibilities of Teaching, Research and Extension activities.

He then moved to the Plant Protection Industry in 1985 joining a German Company Hoechst India followed by stint at Bayer India. His responsibilities included product evaluations and registrations of Hostathion, Baycor, Bayleton, Sencor etc. He was entrusted with the task of finding out spectrum of efficacy and application techniques for Imidacloprid.

He then joined Indofil in 1991 ,as Marketing Controller, looking after the core product Mancozeb besides handling regulatory affairs. At this juncture, Indofil faced a major marketing challenge with the overnight withdrawal of all brands by the overseas collaborator. With dedicated efforts from the field force and team spirit coupled with strong support from Management, Indofil displayed not only a rare power of survival but emerged as one of the top Indian Company in the Industry.

This success led to his taking over the reins of Sales in 1995 as Chief Sales Manager. With autonomy, and taking the Indian scenario into consideration, more products were added to the range. Geographical expansion ensured steady progress and there was no looking back!

In 2005 he took over Technical and Business Development activities and is instrumental in registering and introducing novel chemistries from overseas collaborators. He plays a crucial role in the defence and registration of products nationally and internationally. Indofil products are now registered in over 90 countries including regulated markets like EU,USA,Brazil. He was also responsible for smooth transfers of Dithane registrations in Europe after the acquisition DOW’s European Dithane business. Mancozeb review in Europe is a major challenge and Indofil is collaborating well with other partners to counter it!

In 2015 ,he took over reins of R&D which is specialist in developing cost effective and environmentally processes for generics and is extending major helping hand to upcoming synthesis plant. Emphasis is also given for development of novel formulations considering the future trend. GLP certified Analytical lab is engaged in generating five batch and physChem reports.Besides agrochemicals , R&D is also developing newer products for specilaity chemicals used in plastics, leather, coating and textile Industry.

Indofil is heading towards becoming a major Global player and Dr. Pawar is very much a part of this success story